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Is the Good News too good to be true? Wearing our “New Covenant lens,” we delve into the scriptures to find answers to common questions about God’s amazing grace.

Forgiveness, Part 1: Past, Present, and Future

Q: Are all our sins—past, present and future—already forgiven in Jesus?
In this episode of “A Real View Q and A” podcast we answer the question: are all our sins – past, present, and future – forgiven in Jesus? In a nutshell, the answer is yes! We cover many scriptures to thoroughly explain that we have been completely forgiven according to the riches of God’s grace through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness, Part 2: The Wages of Sin

Q: What does “the wages of sin” mean?

Q: How do you feel about Substitutionary Atonement? Did Jesus take our penalty for sin?

In this episode of A Real View Q and A podcast we answer questions regarding the wages, or penalty of sin.  When Jesus bore our sins on the cross, He pages the wages of sin: death. We discuss the great exchange that occurred at the cross and how we can rest knowing the work is finished!

Forgiveness, Part 3: Owing God

Q: Can you explain the lyric of the famous song, “Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe.” Do I still owe God? What do I owe Him?
In this episode of A Real View Q & A podcast we answer the question: do we ow God? Sometimes we have this idea that Jesus died for us, now the least we can do is work hard for Him to in some way pay Him back. But the truth is that the cross should never be held over our heads as a debt. Jesus paid the debt. Period.

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