A Real View Podcast

The Goodness of God

Episode 1: The Goodness of God

The revelation of the goodness and grace of God changes everything: our perspective on life, our relationship with God and people, our faith, and our prayers. God is good, only good, and only has good to give.
A Real View Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2: Our Union with Jesus

Through our union with Jesus Christ as believers, all of our needs are provided for through His grace. No matter what we are dealing with - our families, our relationships, our health, our finances - it doesn't change the reality of heaven and our union with Jesus. All of the promises of God are yes in Jesus! Amen!
Welcome to A Real View of the Grace Life podcast! The theme is the goodness of God, His promises, and encouragement for any and all who have needs that only Jesus can fulfill. The foundation of our discussion is Jesus and the righteousness we have in Him. We share from our hearts about our own experience with Jesus through our union with Him. We pray that you’ll be blessed by what you hear on A Real View!

“The reason I wanted to do this podcast is to encourage people during such a challenging time when so many have lost hope. When we understand the gospel, the finished work of Jesus, the righteousness we have in Him, our union with Him, and our identity in Him because of the Great Exchange, then we can always have hope - a joyful, confident, expectation fo good in our future. And when we look at Jesus, we see the Father. We know His nature, His character, His will, His desires, and His plans. So we can go for it!! With full assurance that He will provide and has already provided everything we have ever needed through His grace.” (Tricia Gunn, Host of A Real View podcast)

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