A Real View of the Grace Life talk show

About a Real View

A Real View is a talk show about living life under the superabundance of God’s grace. Under grace there is nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to gain, nothing to lose, no one to impress, no need for followers, no need for a position or a title, no need for man’s approval. We are free to serve, free to love, free to succeed because we’re free to fail, free to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, filled with joy, marked with peace, resting in the finished work of Jesus, secure in our identity in Christ. The gospel of grace transforms us into eagles who soar!

A Real View of the Grace Life talk show

Women who have been transformed by the amazing grace of  Jesus Christ discuss what life is like as they apply the truth of the Gospel to their own lives.

A Real View Podcast

The theme of this podcast is the goodness of God, His promises, and encouragement for any and all who have needs that only Jesus can fulfill. The foundation of our discussion is Jesus and the righteousness we have in Him.

We share from our hearts about our own experience with Jesus through our union with Him. We pray that you’ll be blessed by what you hear on A Real View!

A Real View Retreats

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Soon we’ll be taking the show on the road! Plans are in the making to host retreats with the goal of sharing the fellowship, teaching, and encouragement of A Real View of the Grace Life talk show in a more personal, tangible way. Subscribe for teachings and announcements!

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