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Vision of Parresia

Parresia is primarily a teaching ministry focused on the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to see Jesus in the beauty of His Person and the completeness of His work, to make Him known through the teaching of the Gospel, and to encourage everyone who is changed by His grace to share the good news with others. Parresia is a Greek work that means boldness. Boldly we receive, and boldly we share.

Some of the aspects of our ministry include a tremendous storehouse of online teachings, a talk show on Gospel Truth TV, a traveling ministry, books, blogs, podcasts, and personalized scripture cards, as well as local Bible studies, prayer meetings, and gatherings.

Enjoy our ladies’ talk show “A Real View of the Grace Life” where our panel of women, who have all experienced the extravagant love of God and the amazing grace of Jesus Christ, discuss how we personally apply the truth of the Gospel to our own lives.

In our storehouse of teachings and resources online, you’ll find many full-length messages with thorough verse-by verse teaching, as well as brief “Beholding Jesus” video clips which unveil the goodness, grace, and love of Jesus. We also have a “Q & A” podcast where we answer questions about the doctrines of grace. Enjoy our Grace encounter testimonies and our Grace Nugget Blogs from a variety of authors. Many of our writers are published authors and leaders in ministry, and some are moms, dads, grandparents, and students. They all have one thing in common: they've all been changed by grace!

We offer two books with corresponding video and audio teachings series. The “Unveiling Jesus” book and Bible study series cover the foundational teachings of the gospel of grace from A to Z. The 387 page book and 20-part Bible study series thoroughly examine key passages that open our eyes to the New Covenant of grace and the finished work of Jesus.

“I Am Free Because of Jesus” is our newest book and Bible study series. I AM Free focuses on our identity in Christ. Each session unveils the person and work of Jesus and what it means to be a new creation in Him. Knowing and believing who we are in Christ is the key to living in freedom every day!

We also offer several other teachings series, including “Resting in the Finished Work of Jesus,” “Beholding Jesus in the Tabernacle,” and “Cultivate,” which delves into the gospel of John to take a closer look at Jesus and His love for us.

Our Grace Upon Grace Scripture Card business continues to thrive. Thousands upon thousands have received these scripture cards with their names on each card reminding them of what Jesus has accomplished for them in His amazing grace. You can order the scripture cards though our Etsy store. Visit our scripture card section on our website to find the link.

We have had the incredible privilege to partner with a local revival ministry, Lion of Light Ministries, to sow thousands of sets of scripture cards into the lives of prison inmates and their children. Also, we have had the honor of donating hundreds of sets of scripture cards to ministries that support people recovering from crisis, addiction, trafficking, and abuse, as well as volunteers at our local pro-life ministry.

God continues to give new ideas and vision for the ministry of Parresia, as well as cultivate the dreams we have carried in our heart for years. For example, the “identity” ministry for the younger generations is in the seed planting phase. The name of they ministry will be “Poiēma” based on Ephesians 2:10. We are each God’s “Masterpiece,” (Poiēma) created anew in Christ Jesus. We are planting the seeds of “Poiēma” now with the development of the foundational Bible study for this ministry.

At Parresia we are using every means available to spread God’s grace. We hope in some way we can bless you and help to equip you to share His grace with others! Thanks again for your interest in our ministry!

In His grace,

Tricia Gunn

Founder of Parresia

What people are saying about Parresia Ministries and Tricia Gunn

Paul Ellis, Author of Silent Queen,  website

Paul Ellis, Author of Silent Queen, website

“I am utterly convinced that the cure for the world’s woes is a revelation of Jesus Christ. This is why Tricia Gunn’s book, Unveiling Jesus, is so important. Like a bottle of the finest perfume, this book emanates the sweet fragrance of Jesus. It will leave you resting in the arms of the One who really has done it all.”

Clark Whitten, Founder of Grace Church, Orlando, FL, and author of Pure Grace

Clark Whitten, Founder of Grace Church, Orlando, FL, and author of Pure Grace

“I believe Tricia Gunn will soon become one of the most listened to women in the Body of Christ. I pray for that to happen because what she has to say is utterly transformational.”

Debbie Nelson, A Real View panel member

Debbie Nelson, A Real View panel member

“This ministry has unlocked the mystery and beauty of Jesus in a way I have never seen Him. It has taught me to understand more clearly the new creation I am and not someone I need to become. There is so much freedom and excitement to share the simplicity of this beautiful mystery with others.”