Q: What about confession of sins for the believer? Do I need to ask God to forgive me each time I sin?

Q: What about 1 John 1:9?

This is the second part of the discussion on the confession of sins that we began in the last podcast. In this podcast, we begin by expounding on what it means to be “in the light” in 1 John 1:9. Then we go a little deeper into the danger of a believer living in fear of not confessing every sin and the consequence of having an obsession with confession if they do not believe that they are already forgiven. We also discuss how 1 John 1:9 applies to the unbeliever who needs to acknowledge his need for a Savior and the forgiveness of sins. We end with a brief mention of how 1 John 1:9 can be misapplied by the believer and used as a license to sin.

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