Q: I struggle forgiving someone who abused me. Does this mean that I am not saved? 

Q: Does God send tormenters in my life because I haven’t forgiven someone?

Q: Does unforgiveness send someone to hell?

In this podcast we hope to bring encouragement to those who have struggled to forgive those who have offended them. Will God forgive me if I have trouble forgiving someone else? When we know the unconditional nature of the love of God for us, we are empowered to forgive others.

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Parresia Ministries

Parresia [pär-rā-sē'-ä]: a Greek word that means "boldness." Boldness before God to receive... Boldness before men to share... His scandalous grace with others! To read more about Parresia and the founder, Tricia Gunn, click here.