Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace, Session 6: “Jesus, Our Relentless Savior” 


Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace, Session 6, “Jesus, Our Relentless Savior” from Parresia on Vimeo.

Our relentless Savior goes to the mountains to find the one lost sheep. He crosses the stormy sea to deliver one man from bondage. He silences the voices of shame, and defends the rejected one. He sold everything He had – traded His own life for the one pearl of great price. He goes after the least, the last, the lost, and the losers. He invites the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind. He goes to the highways and the byways to invite those who could never repay Him. What a relentless Savior we have!!

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Parresia Ministries

Parresia Ministries

Parresia [pär-rā-sē'-ä]: a Greek word that means "boldness." Boldness before God to receive... Boldness before men to share... His scandalous grace with others! To read more about Parresia and the founder, Tricia Gunn, click here.