You are an awesome person….perfect and cleansed.  I love your heart and the way you think.  I want you to breathe deep and experience the depths of my love for you. 

When you seek, you find.  Your ‘seeker spirit’ and ‘scholar heart’ come from me.  I delight in your analytical mind.  Abide in my vine and operate as your authentic self.   Don’t hold back on your passions and interests.  No need to muzzle your personality.  I love you and awesome things happen when you don’t hold back on operating as the genuinely amazing person I made you to be.  

Search out the things that interest you.  I will continue drawing you in and revealing my heart for you.  All the question marks that you have will be satisfied.  Many of your questions will be answered soon.  Keep asking me questions.  I’m not scared of them and very much enjoy your dialogue.  Grace has a mutual flow that benefits the listener and the recipient.  I love talking with you.  

I hide mystery just out of sight, not to keep things from you, but so you can delight in discovery.  You will experience the depths of my love and mystery for eternity.  There is no rush or pressure and the adventure will never end or get old.  For eternity, you will continue to experience the fullness of what I paid for at the cross.  I want to reveal so much to you now.   I give you revelation of my love and power in bite size pieces because the magnitude of the Good News is so good and so radical that it would blow your mind if it all came at one time. We are going to have a blast for all of eternity. 

Love, Jesus

Leah Waggoner

Leah Waggoner

Leah Waggoner has been forever changed by God's grace. She is been married to her high energy husband, Clint. Adventures with real estate and travel abound in their family.

She has enjoyed the privilege of homeschooling their three children, jogging, reading and hanging out with family and friends across the southeastern United States. They are happy to call Alabama home.

Leah is a member of the Parresia team and is a passionate partner in spreading the Gospel!